Welcome to my very first blog and thank you for taking the time to read this and get to know me a little better!

I first came here as a student and immediately fell in love with this beautiful calm space, with a lovely friendly community of teachers and students.


Although I’m originally from London, I moved down to Brighton a couple of years ago and I’m so glad to be able to call this vibrant (and slightly wacky!) city of ours my home. There’s nothing better than living by the seaside, going walking in the South Downs, and all the opportunities to practice yoga with the many wonderful teachers here.

Going back to the very beginning of my yoga journey, it didn’t really get off to the best start! I was 18 when I went to my very first yoga class, joining my friend and her mum at a local community centre. After giggling my way through the class, when it came time for final relaxation in Savasana, I relaxed a little too much and fell into a deep sleep, jolting awake as everyone sang Om together at the end of the class! Since then my practice has developed somewhat and I now routinely stay awake right until the end…although of course there’s nothing wrong with having a little snooze in Savasana – it just shows that you have completely relaxed ;)

Following this less than auspicious start, I spent several years dipping in and out of yoga, experimenting with various styles including Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar and Yin yoga, which I still enjoy practicing today. Over the years I gradually began to appreciate the physical and mental benefits of yoga more and more, but it was when I attended a Vinyasa flow class a few years ago that I became truly hooked! My mind soon started to turn to the idea of becoming a yoga teacher, and I got my first taste of teaching while spending a year travelling around South America. While volunteering at an eco-retreat and yoga centre in Colombia, I was given the opportunity to lead some classes for the other volunteers. I really enjoyed the experience of being able to share the joys of yoga with others and it reinforced the feeling I had that I wanted to become a teacher. And so in 2016 I took the plunge and trained to be a Vinyasa flow yoga teacher with Frog Lotus Yoga at the beautiful Suryalila retreat centre in Spain. If you are looking to do a yoga teacher training course, or just to get away to a yoga retreat for a week or so, I can’t recommend this place enough.

One of the truly wonderful things about yoga is that you can never stop learning. It’s an ancient practice with hundreds of years of history that is constantly evolving and expanding in the modern day. I love being a student as well as a teacher and I’m always striving to learn more and discover new ideas by attending classes and workshops around Brighton and the UK. I’m looking forward to holding some of my own workshop and retreats in the near future, to be able to delve a little deeper into the aspects of yoga that we often don’t get to explore in an hour’s class, like pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation and philosophy, so watch this space!

With the rich variety of yoga classes offered in this city and even just in this lovely little studio, I truly believe that there is something in yoga that can benefit everyone. My main aim in my classes is to help you tune into the breath and body and help you feel well in body and mind. I teach classes around Brighton and Hove, so check out my website  for details. I hope to meet you in class soon!

Catch Ilana at Studio iO every Monday at 7pm