At Studio iO we offer a variety of styles of yoga to appeal to a beginner, intermediate or advanced level student. Some of our classes are open to all levels and the teacher will accommodate beginners and more advanced students altogether. We are currently unable to offer group classes at the Studio due to COVID restrictions but private groups can be arranged or any of the following is available.


We continue to offer our full schedule of yoga classes ONLINE. Please do join us, the Studio teachers in our community group classes. These cost between £5-£6 and all you need to do is download the app to join from


Beach yoga at Rockwater

Get ready to embrace the sunshine on your skin, soak up the sounds of the waves or the bird song. Smell the fresh air and feel the glow of the blue skies above you. Join our teachers Holly and Deanne in two beautiful locations, on the beach deck in Hove or in the gardens of Preston Park Manor house.

1:1 YOGA

Individuals embarking on their first yoga experience can be overwhelmed in a group class situation. It can be difficult to keep up with the pace, understand the terminology and produce the required level of flexibility. Holly’s intuition and teaching experience will guide and ensure that all of these challenges can be met, thereby increasing confidence levels much more rapidly. 


Join Holly and Deanne on the Wellness Works journey. An online portal for unlimited on demand yoga classes.