until 2020

Become a Studio iO member for the ultimate mental and physical well-being package.

Studio iO creates a peaceful intimate haven for healing, rest and recovery. We focus on those restorative aspects of yoga which leave you deeply relaxed and rejuvenated.

Our new Studio iO membership now gives you the chance to explore a wide range of yoga styles, plus Pilates, Meditation and Tai Chi. Unlimited classes each month, discount off workshops and special events, plus amazing offer with our partners.


As you walk into Studio iO you will feel an instant sense of calm. The space is a light filled room with a chapel shaped, glass ceiling where you can lie on your mat and watch the rolling clouds in the sky overhead.

Our ethos is to bring peace, harmony and transformation to those who come to Studio iO and create a true Kula (sanskrit for community). This is your time switch off from life outside and feel the benefits of the incredibly healing practice that is yoga.


The studio has re-launched from a rental space into a sanctuary for healing, restorative and movement for mental health. We have expanded our suite of healing and restorative offerings with classes and workshops in yoga for stress management, Nidra Restore, pregnancy loss, menopause, sleep recovery, core restore, Jivamukti, anxiety, pranayama etc.


With the high pressure working environments, stress, depression, fatigue, burn out and also extremely sadly suicide we want to provide a safe space to slow down, physically and mentally and focus on mental health, slow flows, meditation, breath. With a maximum 11 students per group we achieve the ultimate in personal attention and tuition.