At Studio iO we offer a variety of styles of Yoga, Pilates and Meditation from Brighton’s finest teachers. All our teachers have an abundance of knowledge and show such passion for what they do. Each teacher is unique in their style and we believe there is a style out there for everyone, a teacher for everyone and Studio iO welcomes everyone.

Studio iO is also very welcoming to newly qualified teachers, it can be hard for new teachers to get work with many studios requiring at least 2 years experience teaching but we feel everyone needs a place to start and some of our best teachers have come straight out of training. Our new teachers can also offer you discounted drop in rates and therefore we are all contributing to fullfilling our yoga journey.

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Hatha, Flow and 1:1 Yoga teacher
Flow Yoga Teacher
Beginners Yoga, Hatha Yoga Teacher
Rise and Shine Yoga Teacher
Restorative Yoga Teacher
Yin Yoga and breathwork Teacher