David is a qualified Moving Stretch Level 2 Trainer and a Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRCms).

Having trained directly under Moving Stretch creator and founder Suzanne Wylde, David is passionate about sharing this ground breaking new way to stretch, which is unique and distinct from traditional stretching techniques. Moving Stretch is a revolutionary new natural movement method that focuses on re-conditioning and releasing the body’s fascia – the connective tissue that holds our body together – so we’re free to move and be, without pain or limitation. It is a form of resistance stretching which concentrates on the actual movement of the stretch, while applying tension on the designated body part(s). By engaging the muscle throughout the stretch we work in our active range of motion while strengthening our passive range of motion, making us stronger, toning our muscles, as well as adding flexibility, which more importantly improves mobility. Stretching the fascia also produces more collagen around the body and releases toxins that may be stored, making this a natural, healthy way to detox the bodily systems.
To compliment this practise, David also trained to become a Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist which enables him to take a diverse approach in improving people’s freedom of movement.

With a great interest in all forms of natural movement, mindful exercise and injury mitigation, David is always looking to expand his knowledge attending workshops run by the likes of Ido Portal, MovNat and Steve Maxwell.

As well as teaching group classes, David also offer 1-2-1 assisted stretching / walking massage / FRC sessions, and also runs regular workshops and retreats.

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