Gemelle Debice
Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher

Gemelle came to yoga roughly five years ago whilst working for a surf and yoga retreat based on the west coast of Morocco. Inspired by the two yogis she was living and working with at the time, she found a herself intrigued by their lightness of being and zest for life. She attended her first class in Vinyasa Flow and was hooked. As an ex-ballet dancer, she connected with the delicate balance of posture and movement that Vinyasa Flow evokes and how the connection with breath ties everything together.

After almost 3 years of attending classes 5 days a week and developing a self-practice at home, Gemelle embarked on a 1 year Teacher Training course with Yoga London under Rebecca French, Deepti Sastry and Rahoul Masrani, which she completed in January 2014. She continues to further her yoga studies through attending workshops, courses such as the upcoming Trauma Sensitive Yoga with Sarah Holmes De Castro, reading and writing and attending classes with local teachers of varied styles.

Gemelle’s classes cater for beginner yoga practitioners who would like to learn and understand the intricacies of alignment and also for the intermediate practitioner who wants to further their knowledge of Asanas. She incorporates both dynamic and restorative postures into her sequences to bring balance and harmony to the body and mind.

It is her belief that through conscious effort both the physical and mental benefits of yoga become integral parts of our lives that invoke a deep inner connection to the self and ultimately to a happier, healthier life.

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