Jenn qualified as a Hatha Yoga and Meditation teacher with YTTC in Dublin, Ireland, in 2014. She experienced her first traditional yoga class in a village hall in Ugley, Hertfordshire, UK, in 2002 and was enticed with the feeling of sanctuary offered by the combination of physical practice, emotional awareness and spiritual awakening. Jenn has tried and practiced many styles of yoga, including Scaravelli, Astanga and Restorative, as well as Hatha, and embraces all traditions with the belief that ‘feeling your way’ in your practice – being present with awareness, is the true path to authenticity, health and vitality.

Jenn’s Hatha Yoga classes are structured so that they are suitable for beginners and enjoyable for all other levels of experience too. Jenn encourages students to work with their breath and grounding techniques to create stability and build strength moving safely into and out of held postures, drawing energy from the practice and creating space within. Poses are sequenced energetically to promote the release of negative emotions stored in the body as tension, and the class begins with relaxation and ends with Yoga Nidra which allows the body to fully benefit and recover from the physical activit