Louise Yu
Vinyasa flow Teacher

Louise walked into her first yoga class because her friend won a free class for two in a lucky draw. She thought yoga was all about stretching and without any training in gymnastics and dancing, she thought she was going to suffer a lot in stretching during that class. After that class, she was completely hooked and understood that practicing yoga is not just about working on flexibility and putting her leg behind her neck.

Louise completed her 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Program in Hong Kong with Doris Li. Since then she has been teaching strong and dynamic group classes, such as Vinyasa, detox, power and hot Vinyasa yoga, aiming to help students build strength and improve flexibility through movement.

Inspired by her teacher, Louise also teaches yoga therapy, where she combines yoga with sports and massage therapy to relieve any muscle pain and stress that her students might have experienced prior to the class. She is currently working on her advanced clinical and sports massage training.

Louise never forgets how nervous she was when she attended her first yoga class. Hence, she provides different options for the poses (asanas) in her class, catering to both beginners and advanced yoga practitioners. She firmly believes that strength and flexibility are interconnected and therefore having a balanced yoga practice is essential to her. Expect to work out, sweat and stretch in her class!