Mara Tocher
Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher

Mara first discovered Yoga as a young teen. Ever since then, the practice of Yoga has become a cornerstone, a system of understanding and movement
that she has closely woven into her music career and daily life.

Inspired by the many layers of this ancient tradition, Mara credits Yoga with curing a severe repetitive strain injury, surviving on demanding music tours and maintaining artistic creativity, as well as granting an
understanding of ourselves, others and the world around us. Mara’s classes are physically dynamic, with emphasis on opening energy channels, releasing tension, energising and strengthening, and awakening a clearer understanding of the light and space that we all hold.

Mara completed her 200 hours with Harmonise Academy, here in Brighton, under teacher Alexa Garside. Her own practice is rooted in Ashtanga, which she incorporates into her classes.

Mara firmly believes that absolutely anyone can benefit from yoga, both on and off the mat, and that exploring this practice can bring lightness and grounding, openness and truth to people from all walks of life.

Shanti shanti shanti

PLEASE NOTE: Mara is currently on maternity leave.