Sat Kartar
ANGelfire Kundalini Teacher
I first practised Hatha yoga at 11-12yrs old and then decided I wanted to teach it! However, life took over and after various classes in north and east London including one at London covent garden Dance Centre I found Kundalini yoga in 1994. It was quite an immediate experience which touched the core of my being in a unique way I couldnt explain unlike other yogas. The meditations really impacted upon me like nothing else as at this time & I began to find a new level of being & Joy I had not been able to find in life previously.
In 1995 level 1 teacher training the first in the UK was offered & & after I continued onto the Level 2 in France & Belgium until 1998. I studied with Yogi Bhajan the kundalini master travelling to N.M USA, summer & winter camps continually in 1998 womens training camp where I stayed for a month in the ashram. I also studied in london & USA with master teachers Guru singh shamanics/kundalini & Sacred Geometry & with Gurunam {Michael Joseph Levry} Kabballah/Kundalini.. Gurmukh kaur and many others.
I believe both lifestyle & food are responsible for our well being on the planet. I’m passionate about community & community building through teaching yoga & about macrobioitic food. I lived in a findhorn foundation community on a hebridean island in 2010 & in Damanhur Italy near torino in 2011.
I have a great love of humanity & to uplift and inspire people to live life to the fullest they possibly can through everything I teach & that when we truly heal ourselves only then will the planet ascend and heal.
ANGelfire kundalini yoga is an evolution of my practise & study & it continues to develop as I continue to deepen my experience & deepen my connection with life and spirit.