Sophie Kermarec
Clairvoyant and Healer

Clairvoyant and Healer Sophie Kermarec has the ability to communicate with other realms and to see the patterns and/or blockages in someone’s life and journey. Spontaneous, with an amazing clarity and a great sense of humour she put herself into service to these other realms so that each one can find their true nature, joy, peace and right path in life.

Masters & Angels – group classes are a fantastic way to experience the power of healing as-well as learning about the higher realms.
The classes takes the form of a guided meditation using energy transmissions from the ascended masters and angels. This energy helps us realise our inner light and power, helping us to let go of blocks that stop us moving forward in life.
Most people report feeling relaxed, greater clarity on an issue or felt something lift from them, it can be very physical while others may feel nothing. The key is to surrender and allow the experience to unfold. At the end we have chance to integrate our experiences and you may share your experience with the group if you wish.

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