Katie Light – The Light Technique

Bodywork therapist, Life coach and facialistFor the past 20 years Katie has been immersed in the health, wellness and spa industry. Katie travelled the world practising many therapies, speaking at global conferences and learning from many experts along the way, which led her to develop The Light Technique; a unique blend of both ancient and contemporary mind and body therapies, offered in one treatment package that is tailored to the individual. Katie is now practising from her hometown, Brighton as well as London.The Light Technique is a highly effective treatment that has proven results in treating the following conditions –*Insomnia & Sleep Deprivation * Mental Stress & Exhaustion *Anxiety & Panic Attacks * Muscular Fatigue * Nerve & Joint problems * Emotional Eating * Hormonal Imbalances *Problematic Skin ConditionsThe Light Technique has been featured in Vogue – You Magazine – Tatler – Harpers Bazzar – Daily Mail – The Times

Our busy lives demand so much from us that we sometimes end up dissatisfied with both ourselves and our lives. The Light Technique offers a diverse range of wellbeing treatments that allow you to address specific areas of your life that are causing stress upon your body or mind. I can work with you to create and direct the changes you need to create ‘wellness’ in your life. My motto is ‘listen. treat. transform’.

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Pratiti In Natura Theraputics

Acupuncture and massage therapyAlso known as Erine Varela, Pratiti is a compassionate and versatile therapist who uses classical Chinese medicine theory as her main framework. She is able to blend her knowledge of acupuncture with her long-term passion for bodywork, psychology and natural living, bringing together eastern and western views of the body and mind into her practice.After successfully completing a four year BSc Oriental medicine degree, she has gained a broader perspective on the use of acupuncture as an adjunct tool to western medicine. She also holds various specializations in massage, including therapeutic, Swedish, table tai, pregnancy, Chinese medical paediatric tui na massage, and fascia work. She has trained as a doula with Dr. Michel Odent and is an infant massage instructor. She has been a natural healthcare practitioner for over fifteen years.An eclectic array of powerful techniques may be used within a session accordingly to facilitate optimum healing. They are beneficial in relieving the process of dis-ease and in restoring the free flow of vital energy. Ultra fine needles, cupping, moxibustion, acupressure, magnets or probes may be used in an acupuncture session. Gentle abdominal massage, deep tissue, stretches, hot stones and myofascia release techniques may be used in a massage session. Massage and acupuncture techniques may intertwine, depending on the condition to be treated. Dietary and life style advice may also be provided.Contact Pratiti on 07836535372 for any information on how a particular treatment may help you.


Acupuncture: £45 Initial consultation – 75min, £30 follow up – 45 min
Massage: £45 Any form – 60 min, £60 Any form – 90 min
Pregnancy Session: £45 Pregnancy massage, optional acupuncture – 75 min
Children (from birth): £20 Chinese Medical Massage, Acupuncture – 45min
Infant Massage tuition: £50 for 2 sessions of one-to-one private tuition – 2x 60 min

* LOW COST sessions are available, please enquire.



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