The LIght TechniqueSome handy tips from Katie Light, facialist at at Studio iO, on how to keep your skin hydrated through the summer months..

Summertime is always a time that our skin needs a little bit more hydration, though tricky to keep layering products on when it’s hot and sticky..

Some easy tips to do at home..

If you have some Manuka honey in your cupboards, put a little in your hands and apply to your face, patting it on and leave for 5/10 minutes, then taking off with a hot towel. A great intense treatment, yet light, with many healing properties, so great if you have had a little too much sun!

I know Facial oils always seem like it they would be too much in the summer, but they are the best type of product to feed the skin through the summer as 100% of the product goes in, feeding the skin with all the nutritious ingredients! Make sure your facial oil has a good base oil, like Jojoba, as it’s the closest to our natural oils we produce.
Use a small amount and massage upwards and outwards to clear the skin and relax your facial muscles. Check out

If you prefer something lighter you could use a water based serum, nice and light if you are somewhere hot,hot,hot!

Don’t forget a good SPF mositursier.. 30+ to avoid pigmentation and sun damage!

If you would like to get a personalized skincare regime or experience a summer quenching facial, come along and see Katie this summer.
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