Yoga Nidra with Valerie Watkinson


Yoga nidra is an effective deep body relaxation, with an awareness that allows the    whole body is be nourished and relieved from the stresses of everyday life. When we sleep everything shuts down, including the conscious mind, therefore relaxation becomes incomplete somewhere, and we can still waken feeling tired and sluggish. Through yoga nidra the body is relaxed but through a conscious mind, allowing relaxation to work on a deeper level. As we connect deep with the internal and external body, becoming aware of each sensation, from the tips of the toes, pouring out through each side of the body and being supported by Mother Earth, we allow the self to connect, listen, relax, breath, soften and be. Emotional patterns and tensions slip away, as we feel as if somebody as pressed the refresh button. And it is through this form of yoga, we can continue through our daily life, feeling aware, grounded and being able to let go.

Classes start end of September and are open to all to enjoy for a deeply restful evening at just £8

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Ashtanga with Jordan Paul


Jordan has been practicing yoga since 2005. As well as improving his physical health, yoga opened up a whole new world to him. Combined with other aspects of Eastern philosophy, it brought about a positive change in attitude towards life that he wants to share with as many people as possible.
He completed his 200hr teacher training with Tribe Yoga in Goa at the end of 2014.
He has predominantly practiced Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga with Sarah Miles, but has been experimenting with other styles, mixing things up to create a practice that is focused on self-enquiry through asana, pranayama and meditation.
He teaches a strong Ashtanga influenced practice, with a focus on vinyasa and mindfulness, creating a moving meditation out of each class. He also incorporates pranayama, meditation and yogic philosophy into many of his classes, resulting in a well-rounded practice to leave you feeling calm, balanced and energised.
Jordan is also a Thai Massage therapist and you might just get a little taster of his massages in Savasana!

Classes run every Tuesday early 7-8.30am and cost £9 drop in or £45 for 6 classes.

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Yin and Yang with Mikaela Perera


Mikaela’s other style Yin Yang Yoga is a mix of YANG Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa based round the Rocket yoga sequence to build heat and detox you, YIN yoga postures held for 3 minutes in the second half of the class to work deep and relax you. The yin after the yang is a excellent way to get deep flexibility as are bodies are warm and the mind is open to the meditational effects of the yin practice so if you have been struggling with switching off yin yang will put you in the right place to still your mind and open your body.

Classes run every Monday 7.15pm

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Candlelit Hatha with Sarah Williams

sarahSarah says “I come to mat everyday as a beginner open to the challenges of a new day and a new practice. Yoga has a different story and path for every body and it has enabled me to develop strength, flexibility and balance with a sprinkling of stillness for my over-active mind. A playful, light hearted and strong flow can be found at the heart of my personal practice with more than a touch of humour in my teaching.

I am also a secondary music teacher and work to combine my love of music and yoga together in classes. My classes create a space to move and breath, to connect and restore.”

She is covering for Holly’s candlelit hatha yoga classes during her maternity leave from September onwards. Wednesdays 6.45pm classes cost £12 drop in or £60 for a block of 6.

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Morning Vinyasa flow with Cat Duval


Cat brings inspiration from the joyful connection of Acroyoga and Unity Partner Yoga with its deep sense of community at its core. Hatha yoga’s diverse poses (there’s in excess of 1000), the fluidity of vinyasa flow and the power of positive visualisation techniques and the transformative capacity of NLP to help us achieve what we want in our lives. Each yoga session is individually tailored to the bodies of the people there, so you can feel comfortable whatever your experience.

She will be covering Holly’s Vinyasa flow class on Wednesdays 10am from September onwards. It is best to have some yoga experience before attending this class.

Class costs £12 drop in or £60 for block of 6.

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Evening Vinyasa flow with Gemelle


Gemelle taught for us at the recent Brighton Yoga Festival and shared her flowing style of yoga. Gemelle’s classes cater for beginner yoga practitioners who would like to learn and understand the intricacies of alignment and also for the intermediate practitioner who wants to further their knowledge of Asanas. She incorporates both dynamic and restorative postures into her sequences to bring balance and harmony to the body and mind.
It is her belief that through conscious effort both the physical and mental benefits of yoga become integral parts of our lives that invoke a deep inner connection to the self and ultimately to a happier, healthier life.

Join her every Thursday 5.45pm and 7.15pm class costs £9 drop in or £48 for 6 classes, £75 for 10.

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