Sue Bradley- Weight loss Yoga at Studio iO

Sue Bradley- Weight loss Yoga at Studio iO

Weight Loss Eating Psychology Yoga Workshop

Sue Bradley is a certified Eating Psychology Coach and Yoga teacher.
This workshop premiered at the Brighton Yoga Festival in July

Eating Psychology begins where nutrition ends – nutritionists tell you WHAT to eat; I am more interested in HOW you eat and WHO you are as an eater. Come to this workshop if you have been dieting for many years unsuccessfully and want to try a new approach to weight loss, have IBS or other digestive issue, are an emotional or a binge eater, or if you are simply interested in eating in a healthier way.

I will reveal how the connections between brain, body, digestion and behaviour impact on how you gain nourishment and bring to light how social, emotional, cultural, and psychological elements can influence how we digest and assimilate a meal, and new insights into how we burn calories.

This workshop will integrate this new and timely information with a gentle Vajrasati hatha yoga class and will finish with Yoga Nidra – the practice of ‘yogic sleep’ – to help you to internalise the messages that you have learned during the workshop and set you off on the road towards healthier eating habits.

We are looking to add some dates to offer this workshop soon so please do express your interest in this to start taking bookings. You can talk with Sue direct to ask any questions regarding this workshop on 07919 537055.