The magic of Autumn is powerfully present in the exquisite shades of earthly colours angling in the beautiful sunlight that starts to shy away. The Earth is on its progress to gathering what is left from summer time, harvesting the fruits that had been ripening and letting go of everything else which is unnecessary in order to rest in winter and renew itself in spring.

In Chinese medicine, the notion of inter connectivity between humans and nature is the foundation for its success and endurance as a healing art for over 5000 years. There are strong correspondences within the human body and what is observed in our surroundings. As in nature, Autumn requires us to gather ourselves. Setting personal limits and boundaries with others is imperative so we may start our journey within, traveling lightly by letting go of all is not needed anymore.

Hot Stone massage with Pratiti

Healthy lungs and colon assist in this process at this stage, so we may serve ourselves best when winter is upon us. The lungs bring new, fresh, clean air in, enhancing clear thinking and anchoring our energy to help us go within. The colon rids the waste and keeps what is vital. It is all about introspection, self assessment and letting go.

Tips for this season include;

Breathing deeply and slowly

Walking outside

Wearing more layers and definitely a scarf to protect your lungs.

It is important to declutter, to clean your home, and to let go of any grief that has been lingering on.

Pungent foods such as watercress, rocket, ginger, garlic are beneficial too.

Acupuncture can greatly help the body to fine tune with seasons and

A good hot stones massage can truly help to melt away heavy tensions we carry with us.

Both help physical and emotional balance aiding the flow of letting go.

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