Friend and local Yoga teacher Kirsty Norton talks to us about her yoga brand and how it helps to support real people.

Yoga Luxe was founded by me, Kirsty Norton, I’ve been a yoga teacher since 1994. In 2015 I was feeling frustrated with some of the bigger yoga brands making so much money and not giving back. So instead of moaning about it, I decided to take it into my own hands. I wanted to create a yoga gift site and collaborate with great human beings doing things they love and at the same time give a percentage back to charity. So, once the idea was in my head, I spent 6 weeks setting up Yoga Luxe. Little bit stressful at times but I was so excited, I couldn’t think of anything else.

The chosen charities are based in India because that is where yoga originated from and so this made sense to give back there.

The vision is to get more companies to follow this principle and so far it’s looking good, lots more companies are doing this and it’s wonderful to see.

The people and products involved in this site are just brilliant, they have a joie de vivre, and they have beautiful products. They are passionate and love what they are doing. This is really important to me. If something is created out of love and then passed on I believe this is powerful.

So, I am very proud to have them as part of this project. I hope you enjoy having a look at the beautiful things they have created.

Yoga Luxe

Welcome to the world of yoga Luxe, a place of beautiful things and love. We have curated products that we know will bring a smile to your face.

We talk about brands a lot these days but behind the brands are real people and that’s what we are about. people who have a passion for what they are doing. Their products have been created with passion, care and attention. We only work with people we respect and admire, we believe that this creates a good environment for everyone. When you buy something, either as a gift or something for yourself, the love that has been behind every product is passed on.

We understand that in this world consumerism is big but we would like to believe that good can come out of this. It can provide jobs for those under the poverty line, it allows creative people to produce their art and their goods. We believe in redirecting wealth and with each purchase 5% of what you spend goes to charity and you get to choose which one out of the 3 we support.

In time we hope to have raised enough money to make a big difference to each of these charities. So we value your support as we know there are many places you can choose to spend your money. With us you really know that you are involved in making a difference.

As an extra thank you we are offering you all 10% off plus we will give 5% extra on your purchases to our charities for the rest of this year.


Yoga Luxe

Thank you for shopping with us.