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Restorative Yoga, from us to you.
I never even used to like seated asanas. What’s the point? Give me a Vinyasa any day.

Then I gave Restorative Yoga a go and, to my surprise, dove into a deeply therapeutic practice that moved more mountains than a Tadasana ; ). Now I can’t get enough of deep, slow flowing movement and long held postures. Some days I feel like a bull in a china shop, and it’s on those days I know I need the practice more than ever. Don’t get me started on the benefits of Yoga, I’ll talk your ear off, but here are a just few special things I love about Restorative Yoga:

It Restores.
These long held, fully supported poses work with the nervous and endocrine systems to aid restoration and repair to the body. By aligning and supporting the body in a variety of ways, these postures allow that body to do it’s job.

It grants time and space for meditation.
Often we’re busy. Often we deny ourselves the time we deserve; the time that would actually be beneficial to us, and therefor the world around us. This practice offers time, offers space.

It benefits other yoga practices.
What I learned in Restorative Yoga, I took into my Ashtanga practice (joyously imperfectly and somewhat clunky), Yin, and Vinyasa flow.

Anyone can do it.
You don’t need to be able to touch your toes. You can practice restorative yoga if you’re recovering from injury or illness. You can practice restorative yoga whether your 9 years old, or 90.

It’s December in Brighton. It feels like it’s been a very big year for everyone. I love this town. And we’d love to offer you lot in it, a free 75 minute restorative solstice practice this Wednesday 6:45pm at Studio iO

Lots of love Mara Simpson and Studio iO.

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