Joseph Pilates created the method nearly a century ago. Classical Mat Pilates is a class which stays true to the original principles created by Joe. What can you expect from the above Classical Course? You will learn:

  • The systematic, sequential order of exercises and transitions that focus on flow, which helps to develop endurance and stamina.
  • Start to move through the exercises with the intended dynamic rhythm. Progression occurs once the exercises can be executed with control and precision.
  • You will learn a workout that you can do at home, no equipment is needed.
  • You will improve your mental and physical fitness, coordination, stamina, control, focus, strength and flexibility.

elliepriestThis class will greatly supplement any other physical activities you do and it is suitable for all ages and levels of ability.

Find Ellie Priest of Brighton Pilates teaching Classical Pilates every Tuesday 7.15-8am (start date 28th February) to get your day off to a good start. Also Ellie teaches Mat work Pilates every Wednesday 5.30p-6.30pm at Studio iO.

Book with Ellie on 07950 304071