Where it all began…

I started practicing Yoga six years ago to give myself some me time and help me through a tough time.  I started practicing to some Youtube videos, first only occasionally and then more regularly. Eventually I started going to a studio for a weekly beginners course. I absolutely loved the way I felt every time after I practiced Yoga. So much calmer; it helped me deal with my emotions and also to bring my body into shape. On top of the weekly classes in the studio I started to practice at home in between classes.



I was playing with the idea of doing my Yoga Teacher Training for a while, but life seemed to get in the way. After some of my personal circumstances changed in 2016, I just made the jump and signed up to a 1 year Yoga Teacher Training in London.

I learnt a lot during the course and really started to enjoy teaching, even though it was pushing me outside of my comfort zone (I’ve never been really good talking in front of people, but when I teach Yoga, everything changes).  I finished my 200 hour Teacher Training this year and started teaching Yoga the week after I graduated and continue to teach weekly classes, monthly workshops and even taught at the Brighton Yoga Festival in July this year!



Because I know what a difference it can make emotionally and how important some ME time is, I’ve decided to also teach Pre- and Postnatal Yoga. After a lot of consideration and looking into different courses, I decided to attend AppleYoga’s course as it also includes Baby Massage and Baby Yoga in June this year and have since started teaching Prenatal Yoga classes at Studio iO.

I hope to see you in one of my classes! 



You can find Jen at Studio iO on the following days & times:
Saturdays at 10am for Pregnancy Yoga, 1:30pm for Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Mondays at 8:15pm for Vinyasa Flow Yoga
And check out her Pregnancy Yoga Workshop on 21st October here!