I’ve always been a person who thought I’d have to do everything by myself and that I would get through it, which I always have. But during the last few weeks and months I’ve wondered why I never asked for help and feel like I have to do it all by myself. But not just that, I’ve hardly ever asked anything from other people or the universe.

So, I’ve started asking…


I’ve asked companies if they’d be happy to help me with events, asked other people if they’d like to collaborate, asked the universe and they all delivered. Since asking for help I pretty much haven’t received a ‘no’ yet.

We were talking about this yesterday in the car and it really amazed me and really made me wonder why I’ve never done this before. When you ask for help, the world seems to open up and good things happen to you. It is as if you are more open to receive. This has really fascinated me over the last few days and got my brain working. The only person holding me back was myself, with my self-hindering thoughts and self-justice. I think by asking, we are opening ourselves and our minds to new possibilities and opportunities. Just think about how many times you say ‘no’ if someone asks for your help. It’s not very often, right, so why would other people say no to you? The likelihood is that people say ‘yes’ or that they will at least try and help you.


I’ve also started using Mantras more and more, especially when I’m feeling unsettled. Over the last couple of weeks there have been many mornings I was walking into work saying to myself: “I trust that the universe will take me where I need to be“. This mantra really seems to calm me down and ground me. Trusting life is an important part, something that a lot of us have lost I think, including myself. I’m only coming back to trusting life and to get back to my earlier point, asking for things. And by things I don’t necessarily mean physical things, it can be anything; love, trust, abundance, joy. And from this question you can create your daily mantra, it can be anything.

It amazes me how much my life has changed over the course of the last 12 months and I know it is only the beginning. It hasn’t always been easy but I worked through it and learning to ask and work with my daily mantra’s, the future is looking very bright for myself, or at least, so I feel :) The next 12 months are very exciting and I think there are a lot of changes coming my way, but change is good, without change we’d always be stuck in the same place.


Jen x


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