After completing my yoga teacher training in India, I travelled inland to Hampi, south to Kerala and eventually north to Rajasthan, but in-between these trips I was offered an opportunity to teach daily yoga classes where I was staying in Goa. This was a really beautiful experience, especially being so fresh from teacher training, I got to teach Vinyasa, Hatha flow and even a few Yin classes. My daily life centred around yoga and cake. What a lovely existence.

When I returned home in Spring I was excited to plan my next trip and had decided it was the right time to get my AcroYoga teacher training. There was training happening in the summer in Berlin, and a lot of my closest connections in India were with German travellers, so I booked the course and my flights. I was even offered free accommodation from someone on my course, already living in the city. There were so many great things about this trip, friends, falafel, jamming every night after class, and training so hard my body started to look and feel stronger. After the course I travelled within Germany visiting friends from India and sharing my passions for Yoga & AcroYoga at every opportunity, at climbing centres, in parks, in friends living rooms. I try and incorporate some of the playful aspects of Acro into my yoga classes (and life!)

Since the winter I have realised my dream of being a Yoga & AcroYoga teacher. I still have my ‘other’ job, but as it’s freelance I have the flexibility to dedicate some time to my practice. In fact I decided to dedicate the month of January to increasing my skills and broadening my horizons. Lots of friends had told me great things about Sunshine Massage School in Chiangmai, and on my last visit to Thailand I never made it up north so felt like this was the right time. The school is also part of the Sunshine network which I did have a previous and wonderful experience of in Greece back in 2016.

Thai massage is something I try and do for each yoga student during Savasana and something I teach as a cool down at AcroYoga classes so I was keen to learn more. My teacher Suriyan had so much knowledge to share, that being his student everyday for 2 weeks was a real privilege. There was also lots of acrobats in town so each afternoon was playtime at the park, and I even got to meet some friends from Brighton who were involved in the Partner Acrobatics course.

After Chiangmai I needed some ocean time and decided to go to Sri Lanka as I had never been before. I ended up meeting and travelling with the same Aussie siblings for almost my whole trip, and highlights were giving Thai Massage on a patch of artificial grass in the house we rented in Weligama and also teaching some sunset yoga on the beach. I’d love to say I’m a beautiful surfer but sadly that isn’t true! It was great to learn, and thanks to Roshan at Turning Point Surf School but it turns out even with good balance, and a strong core I really struggle to stay up!

I’m now home for the coming months and will be teaching my Friday Vinyasa classes at 11.30 in-between a few trips to European Acrobatic festivals in the summer. But I hope to have many more trips for Yoga & Acrobatics in the future, perhaps even to fulfil my new dream of teaching at a retreat.

With love & gratitude,



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