I had a moment on Monday when all I craved was something sweet and as I was still recovering from one too many drinks on the weekend I needed to reach for the healthy alternative as the shop brought sweets would have been gone in seconds. Luckily my house was empty of such naughty treats.

So I had to go about making something sweet for myself. After looking through some Pinterest ideas and seeing some quinoa protein bars I decided to make some up of my own. I didn’t have all the ingredients I had seen on posts so I had to go ahead with a bit of trial and error.

A little bit of inspiration comes from my days running retreats in Morocco when we would have the most delicious Chocolate avocado tarts and these were made with a nutty apricot base. So here it is my quinoa chocolate puffs, I hope you enjoy them they are totally gluten free, dairy free, free from refined sugars and if you swap the honey for maple syrup they are vegan too. Note the below quantities are really rough, I didn’t measure anything out is add or subtract if the mix looks too dry or runny.

Quinoa puffs 1 cup
Oats 3/4 cup
Honey. 2tbsp and Olive oil
Bake above for 10 mins

Peanut butter 2tbsp
Apricots handful
Maple syrup 1tbsp
Cocoa powder 1tsp

Blend and then mix together with baked ingredients. Place in dish and pat down to form base. Place in fridge whilst melting chocolate.

Dark chocolate with cocoa nibs and orange

Layer on top of quinoa base and place in fridge until chocolate is set and then you can eat.