Repping the VGANG for ETHCS

I remember coming across Ethcs a couple of years ago with my boyfriend, back when they were called Ethics and Antics, in my local vegan health food shop in Exeter. Chris, who helps run the shop Seasons and the cafe Rabbit alongside his mum and grandma, was wearing one of the VGANG classic t-shirts that grabbed my attention.

Side note: if you ever find yourself in Exeter I urge you to go and check out Seasons and their cafe Rabbit – which is just a couple of doors down! They’re such a lovely group of people and I always walk away having a good conversation and delicious food!

I later did some background research on Ethcs, whilst oogling their products and trying not to spend all of my student loan on them, and I fell in love with the brand. Their simple yet effective way of subtle activism is what grabbed my attention and I believe this is the best way forward in terms of spreading the message about veganism and an ethically conscious lifestyle.

Since finding out about Ethcs, we have met some of the team – Tim Shieff (the founder) Benj and Brett (from EpiVegan) – a handful of times at various events and it was so wonderful when they recognised us! I have had nothing but positive experiences with the team and they have always been so welcoming and up for a friendly chat which makes the whole brand experience so much more memorable.


When I saw that Ethcs were calling for brand reps, I jumped at the chance because of what they stand for as a company. For starters, they care. They care about their employees, the Earth and their clients. They stand for ethical activism and I believe their influence is spreading as an Earth positive and climate neutral brand which is a very important step that clothing companies need to take.

So what does it mean to be a Ethcs brand rep? It means that I will be able to help spread awareness of ethics, veganism and the importance of ethically produced clothing with organic materials. On top of all these incredible opportunities, I have a unique discount code (healthyolive10off) which will take 10% off your shopping cart! Or use the link, to reap the beautiful benefits! I think it is an amazing chance to help increase the spread of veganism and ethics.


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