What if there was a way to be a more productive and happy employee at work? To be able to focus more on one task, and switch off distractions to complete work on time without stressing at the last minute?

We live in an age of information overload. We’re constantly plugged into our devices, always on emails, continuously contactable 24/7. This can lead to overwhelm not just in the workplace but also at home. The latest Ofcom report shows that on average we now check our phones every 12 minutes, spending more than three hours a day online on our devices – and that’s not even counting the time spent at our desks working.

So what do we do? It’s not as simple as just working less – we need to make a living, right? Instead, it’s about learning how to work smarter, and one of the ways to do that involves not looking at a screen at all.

Giving yourself the gift of time to practice yoga regularly can really help you thrive at work, improving your mental and physical wellbeing, as well as boosting strength, balance and flexibility.

Need convincing?

Here are five ways exploring your inner yogi can help you be better in the workplace:



Sign-offs from work due to stress are an expensive cost in high pressure work environments, more than ever the business world are realising the benefits of having a happy team at work.

Bringing yoga into the workforce and dedicating a time each day away from the desk for a yoga class will give colleagues the chance to focus on themselves. Yoga and meditation is key to not only help mental health but physical health too. Getting the body to move and stretch in safe way to let your mind become more at ease, clearing the head of its busyness.

Focusing on movement and breathing exercises throughout a class to bring a state of calm in turn makes mediation a very healing practice.

Remember a time when you’ve left a yoga class more stressed than when you arrived? Nope. Neither can I – and that’s the point.


In this busy, always-on world we live in our minds are non-stop and in turn this causes hidden strain the body. Ever get neck or shoulder cramp from hunching over your laptop at work? Or RSI from typing too much or using an unsuitable mouse?

Sitting all day at a desk can slow your metabolism, give you back pain or make tight hamstrings even worse, and looking at a screen for too long can cause strain on the eyes too. Left untreated these physical symptoms can affect our whole wellbeing and productivity at work. If we’re not comfortable and moving our bodies enough (it’s recommended to get up from your desk and take a screen break at least once every hour) it’s impossible to do our best for our employers.

Yoga brings a host of benefits to help relieve pain from headaches, back and neck ache, tight hips and hamstrings, shoulder stiffness, carpal tunnel and arthritis etc.


Yoga and meditation can literally rewire our brain. When was the last time you gave something your complete focused attention – that’s without checking your phone, chatting to a colleague, or popping onto your favourite website for a sneaky mid-task browse? Or even watching TV… can you honestly say you can watch a whole programme or film without becoming distracted?

Meditation has been proven to increase focus and concentration. It’s training for the brain – stepping away from the deadlines, endless meetings and notifications to take the time to clear the clutter in your mind and focus on the breath.

As well as allowing you to focus on one thing, breathing exercises increase lung capacity and energy levels, giving us the boost we may need to fully concentrate on a task – another reason yoga will create a more refreshed and alert workforce.


Getting out of the mind, and into the body we can recondition our habits and train our ability to relax on demand.

This ability will vastly improve staff morale, motivation, productivity, and ability to play to the strengths of the team to collaborate effectively and produce amazing results.


Becoming more productive and having more concentration in turn will allow the mind to open up to the creative juices and allow energy to flow. No more burnout, just brilliant ideas!

If you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed or perhaps just not that interested at work, giving yourself the gift of time on the mat for regular yoga practice can bring you the focus and calm that you crave, and really transform you in the workplace.


Join Holly Cooper on the mat at the gorgeous hidden yoga haven, Studio iO, every Thursday at 10am. As a Brighton freelancer working in co-working spaces your first class is FREE and you can also enjoy 10% off all of Holly’s Thursday classes thereafter.   

Please email info@studio-io.co.ukwith the subject line Yoga for work offer for more info and to book.


One-to-one sessions

Enhance your practice with an hour focused solely on you. Heal an injury or tight muscles and joints, build confidence on the mat, or work on a specific area of yoga.

Tailored one-to-ones are £45/hr with a 10% discount for your employees.

Please email info@studio-io.co.ukwith the subject line Yoga for work offer for more info and to book.


Studio iO is a peaceful and intimate space tucked away between London Road and The Level, and voted Brighton’s Best Yoga Studio by MoveGB.

Visitwww.studio-io.co.ukfor more details, and follow on Facebookor Instagramfor updates.