Yoga and tea are the perfect pairing. The two have connected people for centuries. Our first tea drinking experience often comes through proffered friendship and reassurance to soothe, to revive and to bond – in the same way, the practice of yoga reaches out to us.

As we gently adopt the time-honoured yoga rituals of lighting candles, selecting music, burning oils, placing mats and supports, so we often proceed to the comfort of our tea drinking rituals.

“Tea is liquid wisdom.” Our two partners in wellbeing are not only truly inspiring but also the main source of our wisdom.

As yoga relieves tension and stresses of the day and explores the questions and answers of life, the subsequent tea drinking custom prolongs and stimulates those benefits. Both can make you feel relaxed and present.

The ancient roots of tea ceremonies all over the world lie in ritual. https://www.positivitea.co.uk/tea-trivia – dating back to 3000 years BC. Check out tea trivia by Positivitea.

The health benefits and pleasure of tea selection are endless. For every fascinating blend of human requirement, there is a corresponding and inspiring tea blend. Positivitea offers a variety of blends to make you feel..Stimulated, Grounded, Motivated, Comforted, Ignited, Clear-sighted, Relaxed and Energised.

Connect blend of chamomile, honeybush and lavender with valerian. ‘Chamomile helps promote sleep and lavender is often recommended to treat anxiety. Honeybush is soothing and relaxing and has been found to counter headaches, irritability and tension.  Valerian has traditionally been used to treat insomnia’.

Research has shown tea drinking blends can protect against heart disease, cancer, stroke, boost memory immunity, give stress relief, improve skin, reduce bloating, improve gut health and aid digestion. 

Here at Studio iO we consider tea drinking the natural conclusion to our yoga practice and self-care routine.