As women become more aware of their bodies, what they need from a yoga practice can change.   

A deeper connection to our bodies and knowing what we need and when we when need it is emerging. It has become clear that women are more focused on how we feel rather than how we look.

In seeking balance by applying self-care and self-love women are now more likely to feel happier and healthier.

In the context of the current women’s movement – the practice of Women’s Yoga has made a real and raw breakthrough.

Women’s Yoga will focus on being aware of our bodies and respecting our cycles.

Laurene Bizarro, explains her post-natal experiences which resulted in total burnout, despite practicing and teaching a very strong form of Ashtanga yoga.

‘I was completely disconnected from my feminine side and I perceived it as a weakness. My periods were painful and erratic, I couldn’t rest or sit still, let alone mediate.. I felt my body was slowing me down most days, centering around my cycle and I took vitamin after vitamin and caffeine to power me through the days and get everything done. My stress levels were off the chart and my anxiety heightened.

With time I found another way, a more nurturing, feminine way. A way my yoga practice could support me on and off the mat without feeling judged by my peers or myself and since then have longed to share it. I was deeply inspired by a beautiful book which began to open my mind and body to this new approach, Moving with The Moon by Ana Davis’. .

By chance, I stepped into a Woman’s Yoga class in Melbourne at Gather and everything changed. The energy, love, and support the class and teacher created a sense of sisterhood which brought me to tears of joy on my mat.

This is where I belonged…

There are so many benefits to Women’s Yoga

1)Mental health and wellbeing

Women’s Yoga is tailored to our ever-changing cycles adapting to our mental health on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and reflects the cycles of the Moon.

Stress and fatigue a universal epidemic affecting everyone, male or female. It impacts on everything in our lives, menstrual cycle, fertility, mental and physical health.Therefore if we insist on adhering to a very Yang yoga practice it will have an adverse affect rather than healing.

A feminine approach to our yoga practice is more Yin (cooling and nurturing)which supports women’s health and wellbeing. To be in a class where there is no pressure, expectation or push for progress means that we can totally immerse ourselves in self-care which is essential to mental health and wellbeing. It alleviates symptoms such as anxiety.

2) Hormonal Balancing

By applying a practice which adapts itself to our menstrual cycle and we can help balance hormones. Working with the body rather than against it.

3) Sisterhood and support

Surrounding yourself by women, who seeking the same benefits from this practice automatically means you find a sisterhood. This safe circle which holds and supports provides a space where you can feel safe to cry, laugh and just be present in that moment and who you are.

4) Centering

Practicing a feminine yoga practice means you focus on your real self.

It requires that we connect with our intuition and start really listening to our bodies. Where do we feel tightness? Where do we feel discomfort? Where do I want to feel strong and powerful? When do I feel like flowing in a dynamic way?  And from that start point we can make our yoga practice work for us.

Come and join us on the mat for a nurturing, restorative, feminine yoga practice at the women’s class on Wednesday afternoons and experience this for yourselves! Its totally magic and you will leave feeling as though you are piecing parts of you back together….. coming home to your own beautiful self.

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