International Woman’s Day was first celebrated in 1911.  It might be tempting to bemoan the fact we’re still fighting for equality well over 100 years later, and have some way to go, but I’d rather focus on the positive and acknowledge just how far we’ve come.  

In today’s world, standing up for women is no longer taboo and when we do we’re not disparagingly labelled, ‘bra-burning feminists’!  The MeToo movement is a powerful testament to that, when we saw women stand together to speak out against sexual violence, empowered by each others’ voices, who collectively could not be silenced and made the world sit up and listen.  For me, this exemplifies how we are better, stronger, unbeatable together. 

IWD offers such an incredible opportunity each year to stop and celebrate women’s successes, take note of the continuing fight for equality and consider how we can do more to support and champion women.  As we approach IWD 2020, I’ve taken time to reflect on how I support women and in doing so have taken stock of just how powerful Uber Mummies is.  Uber Mummies is a community of women who come together to work out, get fresh air, have fun and feel good about themselves.  I have seen the power of women connecting time and time again in our sessions as we lift each other up, help each other out and cheer each other on…when there’s one set of beach sprints or burpees too many!  It’s also why our Uber Girls Retreats are so special because we bring women together to connect over wholesome food, fitness, relaxation, pampering and fizz!  They offer an, often much needed, opportunity for women to take some time for themselves to relax, reset and recharge, ready to get back to real life and continue to be the superwomen we all are. 

But the Uber Mummies philosophy goes even further.  Bringing kids to the classes shows them just how strong, committed and powerful women are, as mummies juggle nappies, packed lunches, having the right sports/dance kit, school drop offs, work, getting little ones out of the house to an Uber Mummies session(!), staying fit and healthy and everything else in between.  In doing so, I hope we are effecting generational change in the attitudes to women, and the children of today who run round at Uber Mummies whilst mummy works out see women as strong, equal, the same, as good as.  And maybe, just maybe, the kids running around Stoneham Park and Hove seafront today will be the adults who finally help to smash that glass ceiling in years to come.

Finally, I’m reminded of the wonderful Gloria Steinem’s words when she pointed out that “a feminist is anyone who recognises the equality and full humanity of women and men”.  The fight for women’s rights is truly a fight for human rights.  At a time when we are bombarded with heartbreaking news stories everyday of cruelty and bullying, let’s remember to champion and support every human being – woman, man and child.  Kindness costs nothing, and we all have the capacity for it, so sprinkle it everywhere you go.

Here’s to strong women, may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.”

Love, Alex xxx

Founder of Uber Mummies

Partner of Uber Girls’ Retreats

Contact: Alex – 07909  542280 Laura – 07834 964663


Holly will be joining the Uber Girls Retreat 6-9th March offering a Sunday of yoga in the Kent countryside.

From £495-£595 for this retreat….3 nights all inclusive of everything we love❤️
Our weekends include beautiful morning meditation, a carefully curated plant-based menu, HIIT & strength workouts each day, a foodie workshop, strength & conditioning classes, a day of yoga with the wonderful Holly Cooper from Studio iO, countryside walks, a woodland hot tub, fizz and canapés each evening along with a huge dollop of love, kindest and inspiration. 
We will also have Iki Rhodes from Brighton Aesthetic Clinic joining us for the weekend and she will be demonstrating her Skin Scope on all guests… Which for any girly that cares about her skin, this is invaluable information.

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