Step by Step guide for LIVE streaming classes

How to take part?

  • You will need to download program on your laptop or app on your smart phone.
  • Create some space for your yoga mat with your screen in view.
  • You will need a good wifi connection.

How to book?

  • The online classes are all bookable via the schedule on our website at 
  • You will be asked to create an account with our booking system MINDBODY online, or if you already have an account you will need to sign in.
  • If you are a MOVEGB member you can still book through the app as normal.
  • Booking closes 15 minutes before class.

What happens after booking?

  • You get a confirmation email with important information, please read carefully.
  • Please also check your junk folder if you can’t see email in your inbox or add to your contacts.
  • You will receive an access code to the Zoom online class in the email.
  • Please ensure your MINDBODY account profile has the email subscription box ticked in order to receive emails.

How much is it?

  • Lunchtime classes are £4 and all other classes £5
  • All classes free to NHS workers, who can get in touch for FREE promo codes.

Who is it for?
Anyone can join in, classes are shown in the schedule above for Beginners, all levels and Intermediate.If you are worried about kids and family in the background, don’t be, you can always turn off your video if you prefer and you will be muted when the class starts.

What equipment do I need?
Below is a list of props that might come in useful as alternatives if you do not have all the equipment available at home;

  • Yoga Mat – No Mat? No problem, try practicing on your carpet or on a large towel.
  • Yoga Bricks – No Brick? No problem, have available a small stack of books or magazines.
  • Yoga Bolster – No Bolster? No problem, have available a blanket wrapped around a pillow. 

If this is your 1st time using zoom, or practising via zoom, we recommend taking a little more additional time before hand to familiarise yourself with the app. If you experience any problems with sound or camera when you join Zoom, please check in your settings/app settings that you have allowed Zoom to access your camera and microphone. 

Can I use my membership or pass?
Yes your membership will enable you umlimited access to classes as usual. All passes can also be used as normal.

Your safety is key
Your safety is a priority so please take care and only join a class that suits your level.Take frequent breaks if needed during class and stay hydrated. By taking part in our online classes you do so at your own risk and we advise you to really listen to your body, PAIN is the bodies warning sign to back off so please don’t push yourself.
When booking through the MINDBODY system you will be prompted to sign the waiver form so please complete this. If you are a MOVEGB customer we do ask that you create an account through our schedule to ensure you have signed the waiver form. The waiver form is not built into the MOVEGB platform.

Thank you all so much for your continued support at this time as a small business it really is you that keeps us going and together we will get through this.