Why choose one to one tuition? Holly is a firm believer that yoga is for everyone at any age or any level of ability. There are many reasons for taking one to one tuition, but basically, there are three major motivations, confidence building, therapy, and fast-track advanced progress. 

Individuals embarking on their first yoga experience can be overwhelmed in a group class situation. It can be difficult to keep up with the pace, understand the terminology and produce the required level of flexibility. Holly’s intuition and teaching experience will guide and ensure that all of these challenges can be met, thereby increasing confidence levels much more rapidly. 

Yoga in all its styles and methods can bring about vast improvements to mental and physical health generally. More specifically, however, where health concerns form a barrier to yoga practice, one to one yoga consultation and sensitive tuition can help focus on concerns and guard against further complications. Conditions such as pregnancy or heart disease may require special adjustments to one’s yoga practice. Holly can provide one to one consultation and personalised programmes designed to reassure and to provide effective therapy in a safe space. 

From beginner to advanced level yoga, every student evolves alongside their personal goals in, for example, flexibility, strength or meditation. Holly’s private tuition can fast-track to your next level of yoga practice. Advanced practitioners can achieve a higher level of challenge that their current group class yoga cannot always offer. 

Holly teaches various different styles of yoga, from Hatha, to the more dynamic Vinyasa Flow, and, for the fitness fanatics, the TRX.