Super Saturday Socials are all about bringing together like-minded local businesses and sharing all the things we love. This is most likely to be yoga, fitness and food (maybe sometimes some wine too).

Join us this Summer for a selection of fun and fabulous events taking place


A studio iO morning of beach wellness and pampering. Combining fun and challenging Stand Up Paddleboarding with the control and grace of Yoga, out in the fresh waters of Brighton beach. Following an invigorating morning session you will enjoy the option to warm up in the Beach Box sauna and then feel nourished with a healthy and delicious breakfast bowl and refreshments by The Kleen kitchen.

This event is now sold out but keep looking for 2020 dates.


A collaboration with My Escape, Beach Box Spa and The Kleen Kitchen. Bringing you 3 hours of a Pilates and Yoga fusion, delicious breakfast bowls and treats. Along with a sea swim (optional) and there is also a wood-fired, BEACH BOX sauna on-site, we will have our own private sauna experience . Everything you need to wake up and reconnect with your body and mind. The set-up, on a secluded area of Brighton beach, includes a wood-fired sauna, indoor changing, and hot showers, cold showers/buckets and chill-out area.

This event has now sold out but keeping looking out for 2020.