Athina Tamaresi
Lunchtime Flow Teacher

Athina’s increasing interest for yoga arose, as she moved to the UK in 2012. Athina is an enthusiastic, smiley, and encouraging Brightonian since. She is a classically trained musician, piano and singing instructor, she holds an MSC in experimental psychology and is a passionate yoga teacher since 2017, when she completed her first 200hr (Yoga Alliance) Ashtanga & Vinyasa teacher training in India, at Sampoorna Yoga. Her latest 100hr training as a yin yoga instructor in Bristol, UK, is under the inspiration and guidance of TJ Mehar.
Athina’s background in operatic singing provides her with lots of inspiration on breathing. Breathing is the foundation of life. Naturally, it becomes the foundation of your yoga practice too. Athina believes that with each inhale you have the opportunity to create space and with every exhale you can allow your experience to deepen.
She will be leading mainly vinyasa yoga sessions at the studio this term. Through dynamic and creative flows, as well as gaze and breathing exercises, Athina will be helping you get the most out of your practice during your morning or lunchtime sessions. Her mission is to motivate you to follow your own breath, find your preferred gaze, and move using asanas the way that suits you best on this moment.
Walking into her class, you walk into a safe environment, where you can be yourself, where you can breathe through what life brings and where you can find space to explore the limitations that your mind may hold.
Athina is also the founder of Yogi Infuchisa and hosts yoga and meditation retreats in India and Greece, most regularly on the islands of Corfu and Evia. You can find more information about Athina or the retreats by visiting her website