Becky White
Flow Yoga Teacher
Becky’s yoga journey began in NYC in 2013 when she discovered yoga was the remedy to healing a recent back injury, as well as alleviating the stresses and strains of fast-paced city life.

After establishing regular practice in a variety of styles, from restorative to hot dynamic yoga, her yoga passion really took off when she began sharing experiences and personal growth with others.

“I felt a sense of my life being back in order. Yoga gave me the tools I needed to view the world and my place in it from a calmer, happier perspective.  I felt physically and mentally stronger, and I wanted to help others to feel the same. This was a priority on returning to the UK; I was so pleased when I was able to gain my 200-hour dual certification in Hatha and Vinyasa.”

Becky completed her teacher training earlier this year and has hit the ground running beginning her first vinyasa flow class at Studio iO.

“Vinyasa has always been one of my favourite yoga practices.  I find the fluidity and the synchronicity between posture and breath allows the mind to think of nothing else; it’s really the only place I can get in the zone! Coming from a creative background, I love teaching fun, flowing classes, to get the body warm and the mind relaxed; I’m a big fan of marrying music and sequence.  I also enjoy teaching the anatomical side of each posture helping others to understand what’s happening in their body, so they can begin their own self-practice of their own. My class themes vary from week to week as I love to get feedback/suggestions from regulars on areas of the body they would like to focus on, so their time on the mat is personal to them!”

Find Becky teach Vinyasa Flow on Tuesdays and Thursdays 5.45pm-6.45pm