The Brighton Soto Zen Group is led by Heather Smith and Jay Clifton who are ordained members of the International Zen Association UK.

We offer twice-weekly zazen sessions at the Studio iO.  Zazen is silent, seated, objectless meditation. We sit still and upright, offering our complete attention to each moment.

If you are interested trying Zen practice, please contact us and come to one of our Friday Introductions at 6:40pm. Once you have received an introduction you are welcome to join any of our sessions on Monday morning at 7:30am and Friday evening at 7pm.

We are funded by donation * and suggest participants give £5 for a Friday and £3 for a Monday. Money collected at the dojo is used to pay for the space and to fund other Zen events in Brighton.

*Please note that if you are on any passes or packages from Studio iO we do still ask for a donation to help fund the meditation groups which are separate to Studio iO.

See for more details about our group and Zen practice.


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