Deanne Oliver-Pickard
Dynamic Slow Flow Teacher

W I L D  T H I N G  Y O G A is the brainchild of DJ & yoga teacher Deanne Oliver-Pickard.

Deanne trained as a professional dancer from the day she could stand up on her own two feet & slipped them into a pair of ballet shoes; specializing in ballet, jazz & contemporary until aged 19, when she had a car accident that left her with a neck & lower back injury. She turned to yoga guided by her Mother (Ashtanga, Hatha & Vinyasa flow teacher of 19 years) to work the injuries and has been rolling out her mat to practice ever since…

Deanne trained & worked as an actress before moving into the field of music where she has worked as a DJ, playing in festival fields, events & mega parties around the globe.

A health conscious veggie & keen to strike more of a balance between late nights under the disco ball & on the yoga mat, Deanne took herself off to India and undertook her ashtanga vinyasa training and since returning from the Goan jungle has been teaching every day since.

Deanne invites you to join her Wednesday evening candlelit slow flow. Moving with intention & purpose from the heart in a slow flow. Allowing the body & mind to be free, creating as much space as possible & enjoying a little playfulness & fun on the mat. Deanne is also a DJ, so all classes are set to epic curated playlists.