Ellie Priest
Pilates teacher

Ellie Priest founder of Brighton Pilates, she is passionate about the Pilates method of exercise. Her interest in movement and exercise came originally from her love of dance. Ellie danced from a young age and went on to study Dance at Roehampton University. Here she discovered her love for teaching and the more scientific aspect of dance/movement.

As well as being a fully qualified Body Control Pilates teacher, and a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs), Ellie has worked at prestigious Pilates studios in the South.

The Pilates method is growing in popularity for many reasons. Not only does it improve core stability, tone, lengthen and strengthen your muscles but it gives you a new sense of awareness about your own body; how it moves, where it holds tension and where your ideal postural alignment should be. It is this awareness that brings about the first step to change.

Coming to Brighton Pilates will teach you to improve your posture, increase your core stability and as a result have longer leaner muscles with the ability to move more efficiently in your everyday life.

Ellie is also Co-Director with Holly Cooper of Yoga and Pilates holiday company My Escape. They offer health and wellness trips all around the Globe for all budgets you can see more on this at pilatesandyogaholidays.com

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