Evdokia Eva
Align Body & Mindful Flow teacher

Evdokia is a Yoga practitioner and instructor currently based in Brighton, UK. Her journey into yoga started while she was studying Maths at the University of Crete, Greece, back in 2012. She fell in love with yoga immediately when she discovered her ability to reach higher levels of spiritual enlightenment through asana. Evdokia studied and worked alongside Ellie Stone in Heraklion, Crete, where she developed her passion for vinyasa flow yoga.

By becoming an active member of the yoga community in the area, planning and teaching donation based lessons and assisting her teacher in various adventures, she was able to develop her skills. She met various yoga styles and people throughout this period. While exploring yogic literature, books, attending different seminars and workshops, she shifted and evolved her skills and interest in teaching, while progressing in her own practice. Her mind & body transformed and she was convinced that yoga helped her achieve this.

Even though she had the love and support of a hardworking, kind and grounded teacher, she felt a new attraction towards a different city. When she was 24 she moved to Athens to start her professional training as a yoga instructor with her inspiring and amazing teacher, Vivi Letsou, at Nysy-studios. This is where she developed new techniques and learned the methodology behind asana and pranayama in depth. She graduated from her 200 hour yoga teacher training course and explored different numerous yoga schools, which widened her inspiration for teaching.

Her interest in combining different yoga styles and focusing on practicing them simultaneously enabled her to create her own unique way of combing and teaching these styles. While most teachers focus in one style, Evdokia practices Abhaya yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa, Yin yoga, yoga nidra and any other styles that might cross her path and attract her. Evdokia is currently a resident in Brighton and teaches Maths and Yoga and you can find her new series of classes called Align Body & Mind Flow in io studio.

This career asked her to be alive, constantly intuiting the highest truth, the deepest narrative. It taught her that there are no mistakes and that each of our storylines are structured to give us the highest education possible.