Francine Zimbalist
Pilates Flow, Yoga and Chair Yoga teacher

Francine was a keen kickboxer back in the noughties and at times was training five days a week.  Pushing her body to its biomechanical and cardiovascular limitations led to sciatica trouble.  She was pleased to have discovered the therapeutic power of Pilates and frequented classes – her body learnt a new way of ‘being’.

Her practise in Pilates accompanied her Bachelor of Science study in Sports Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention.  As a student and graduate she has experience of working with collegiate & elite athletes, in the UK & Canada, implementing rehabilitation and prevention programmes in both health, injury and disease.

Following her graduation in 2007 Francine qualified as a Pilates teacher with Stott Pilates.  She says that the basic principles of Pilates inform all her work and form the basis of all her exercise / movement instruction.

Following a ‘learn to surf’ holiday Francine realised that her body didn’t move as fluidly as she would have liked and she took up yoga immediately on her return to the UK.  What started as an interest in body improvement became, as it does for many, an exploration of the holistic self.  She has been practising yoga since 2010 and drip feeding asanas, philosophy and flow into her own teaching for many years.  In 2019 she decided to complete her 200hour yoga teacher training through Frog Lotus Yoga International who teach a joyful, creative and intelligent vinyasa flow.  She also has some tools in hatha and restorative yoga and always fuses her styles.

Aside from yoga and Pilates Francine is a Postural Stability Instructor (PSI) in the prevention of falls for the frailer older adult.  Level 4 PSI is one of the highest exercise qualifications attainable and thus she has knowledge of diseases and conditions typically associated with ageing and considerations linked with physical activity. Francine has specialised in Exercise for Osteoporosis and Osteopenia since 2016; delivers group exercise classes and is an associate exercise therapist at The London Clinic in Harley Street where she sees people on a one–to-one basis.

Other professional appointments have included working as an Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor in the Royal Air Force and a Sport & Wellbeing Instructor at Blind Veterans UK.

Francine has additional training in exercise instruction for people with Parkinson’s Disease and chair-based exercise for the frailer older adult.

Francine’s approach draws inspiration from all of her bodywork training, giving her classes a uniquely creative twist.  She is a fun, informative and motivating instructor with a flair of her own.

Away from the studio you will find her, kite surfing on a windy day, swimming in the sea regardless of the temperature, dancing like no one is watching, cooking up a plant-based storm in the kitchen and cruising around in her homemade campervan conversion.

Find Francine teaching Pilates Flow Fridays 9.30am