Heather spent 8 years performing and teaching dance in New York City, where she also was introduced to the Pilates method. She trained intensively in the City that Joseph Pilates himself cultivated his technique, learning from highly skilled teachers such as Kelly Kane and Teri Steele. She has since returned to England and become a certified instructor under the renowned Pilates Foundation. Heather draws from her teachings both in NYC and London, and her extensive background in dance, in which she also holds a Batchelor of Arts Degree, to bring a level of teaching that is knowledgable, encouraging and approachable.

Heather believes that one of the keys to being comfortable in your own skin is to know about what goes on beneath it. Pilates helps to re-pattern bad posture and re-educate the body on how to move more efficiently, therefore refraining from injury and pain. Heather has found that by practising frequently, Pilates sculpts the muscles in the same way dance training provides the lean, toned ‘dancer’s body’, which is an added aesthetic quality that can be much welcomed! The most important reason Heather will practise Pilates for the rest of her life is because she wants to be mobile, agile and strong every day – she finds it essential to be in tune with the very vehicle that carries us through life, our body.

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