Jennie O’Halloran
Beginners Yoga, Hatha Yoga Teacher

Jennie was first introduced to yoga approximately 8 years ago after taking the advice of a physiotherapist. Initially drawn to the physicality of a yoga practice, Jennie experimented in many styles and engaged in regular strong vinyasa classes. Following injury to her back, Jennie began to explore the slower and more restorative forms of yoga as a means of therapy. With the curiosity to understand her pain and the intention to heal herself, Jennie travelled to India to undergo an intensive Hatha Yoga training rooted in the Iyengar tradition with a focus on biomechanics, alignment and safety for longevity. She returned to India for further intensive training in Tantric Yoga practices, focusing on pranayama, yoga nidra, meditation and the energy body. Yoga continues to transform Jennie’s life in many ways and she offers her teachings based on her experiences, meeting people exactly where they are, on any level.