Katie Spong
Pilates Teacher

I started dancing at 3 years of age and I haven’t stopped. Although it only remained a hobby, it taught me to love movement from a young age, and I encourage all my clients to move every day. Although dance was always present, soon, other forms of intense exercise were taking over. It was finding Pilates that allowed me to rethink my own training regime, allowing me to slow down, reconnect to the body, the breath, yet still providing me with a strong and challenging work out that I craved.

As a Personal Trainer as well, members of my classes know they are in safe hands. Personal Training and Pilates are such complementary styles and allow for greater precision of movement, deeper understanding on how the body moves, and greater core support.

I have studied Pilates both with the Classical syllabus as intended by Joseph Pilates and more recently with a modern contemporary twist through Body Control that breaks down the exercises for us mere mortals, not just dancers! I am passionate about Pilates and movement and continue to study and train forever learning in this ever-changing space of movement and fitness.

Coming to my classes regularly will allow you to be part of small and friendly group, where muscles are lengthened and strengthened, posture and alignment is improved and the core support will be greatly challenged. Classes and fun but challenging! Whether you’re new to fitness or a regular gym bunny you will be benefit greatly from adding Pilates into your weekly routine.

Pilates is a movement practise that is ever increasing in popularity these days because it works. Low impact, suitable for all, setting you up for a healthy happy life. I will practise regularly because I want to be able to move freely, be agile, strong and mobile well into my 90s!

I am currently teaching classes at Studio iO, but I also train clients on a 1:1 basis.

Check out my website for more information on what I am up to as a Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer and a Wellbeing Coach.