Matthew Ward
Tai Chi Teacher

Senior instructor Matthew Ward

Has Over 30 years’ experience in Asian Martial and Healing Arts and over twenty years’ experience in Tai Chi, yoga and Qigong

Is a Qualified Teacher (Cert-Ed) and is specially trained to work with vulnerable adults, children and those with mental health issues

Matthew is a proud student of both the Genbukan School and the Meikai dojo where he has earned the rank of 3rd Dan and is a Reiki Therapist level 2.

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese system based on Chinese martial arts (Kung Fu), Chinese Yoga, Medicine and physiotherapy

Inner Harmony Tai Chi is based upon Professor Cheng Man Ching’s modified health system which can be modified to suit anyone of any ability and emphasises the wide range of health benefits to be gained from regular practise

Everyone is welcome, No experience necessary, friendly instructor and relaxed classes, learn at your own pace

A typical class will involve:

Deep breathing techniques to increase oxygen, blood circulation and energy levels.

Relaxation and mindfulness techniques to allow the body time to heal itself

Traditional Meditation and longevity breathing techniques

‘Qigong’ warm ups to stretch and warm up the body

Walking exercises to improve balance

A flowing Tai Chi ‘form’ to improve posture and ease of movement