Naomi Givans
Yin Yoga and breathwork Teacher

Trained in Vinyasa and Hatha yoga, Naomi offers a more restorative approach by now offering weekly Breathwork and meditation classes.. Having dedicated over a decade of her life to a busy corporate lifestyle, yoga helped reduce stress, alleviate muscle tension and bring more balance within this lifestyle. Her aim is to help students at all levels to find the same benefits from her classes.

Her 40min bitesize class is a gentle fusion of meditation, pranayama and conscious breathwork techniques. There will be some sound, movement & stillness. The golden thread connecting all of these elements together is the breath and the various mindful breath techniques that we practice. Through the breath we can connect to a much deeper sense of ourselves. This class will be beneficial to you whether you are looking for some stress release in Brighton or have a desire to bring in more aliveness and serenity into your being. Expect to leave feeling grounded, invigorated and with a greater sense of clarity.

Find Naomi teaching Yin Yoga on Thursdays 8.15pm