Olivia Emes
Beginners Hatha Yoga Teacher
Olivia is a 300H Hatha Yoga Teacher specialising in experiential yoga and conscious living. She is dedicated to a practise that supports body, mind and soul and believes that yoga should be available to everybody, no matter what background or experience.
Beginning her journey at the age of 19,  it wasn’t until years later that Olivia began training with Sama Fabian of Aurolab in Wales in 2013 and has been teaching  ever since. Olivia’s teaching incorporates a wide range of practises including asana (posture) vinyasa (sequence with rhythmic breath), kriyas and pranayama (cleansing and breathing techniques), mantra (chant), and the exploration of contemplative and meditative states and deep relaxation.
Yoga has been instrumental in helping Olivia to overcome addiction and PTSD, and she seeks to share her experience with pupils and encourage them to arrive at a place of non-judgement and self-love. Olivia believes in holding a safe and supported space where one can truly be themselves without fear or self criticism.